About Us


 Welcome to the Ciss + Cola Sisterhood.
My name is Carissa, a Perth Local, and I established this community in 2021. I started with a vision for this community, to create a positive culture where women support one another and raise each other up. A safe place to be yourself and to not be judged by your look or way of life. To break the expectations, you have to buy expensive, all the time, to look good or fit in.
This is an inclusive culture for the everyday women; the career women, the working mum, the homemaker, the self-employed, the student and everyone in between. The negative stigma in todays society can leave us not feeling good enough.  
I have been in those shoes, you feel the need to buy something new and expensive for every event or even everyday wear but eventually its not sustainable for everyone. We are trained to believe that you can only find quality in expensive items and I am here to say this is not the case, and this is why I believe in my brand Ciss + Cola. Quality products do not always need to put a dent in your bank account and I am here to share proof, that in fact quality can be attainable for all of us.
If there is something we do have control over, fashion is one of them. There is something to be said about dressing in clothing that reflects and compliments you as an individual, it’s very empowering.
I hand pick every piece of clothing with the intent that the style is timeless and will withstand the test of time. I carefully select pieces that are great quality, modest price point and can be styled in different ways or paired with items you already have in your closet. I do not only think of the now, I think of a time that you might want to share or pass your pieces on to your family or friends.
My whole Vision and Mission is based on having a chic and classic closet that is sustainable, recyclable and attainable all while keeping up to date with the current styles. An easy shopping experience where it is quality over quantity and acquiring those staple pieces and wardrobe essentials you will be sure to love forever. You are not just a number, I am hear to build a long lasting relationship with trust and respect while providing quality service. 
Perth Girls:
We offer a Try on Service where you can shop in the privacy of my home. A safe non judgemental environment where you can have free rein to try whichever items you love or if fashion is not your forte, I will be there to assist in finding outfits that are your own personal style.
Contact us through Instagram, Facebook or email info@cissandcola.com to secure a time. 
Fun Fact:
Ciss + Cola
Ciss is short for Carissa a nickname my cousins gave to me in childhood and has stuck ever since. Pronounced Kiss.
Cola is short for my married name Colasante.
I want to spread love and positive vibes and support who ever you want to be.
Lots of Love,
Carissa xx