Baez Flaunt-it Lift

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Achieve the perfect support and coverage with our Flaunt-it lifts. These boobie lifters boast a sleek, thin surface, providing seamless coverage along with a flap that gently pulls and secures your breast in place. Reusable and washable, Flaunt-it lifts are discreet and ideal for wear under silk and loose fabrics. Experience the support you need for deep plunging and backless outfits, and let our breast-lifting nipple covers create your effortless shape and desired support!

Flaunt-it Lift- Crafted for breasts with a small-medium drop and gives the breast a natural teardrop shape to enhance your silhouette. It's essential to be aware that if you require a larger lift, there may be some wrinkling of your skin at the top when pulling your cup up.