Bzez Adhesive Bra Cups

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Have you ever wanted to walk out the door braless, rocking your natural curves, but didn’t quite have the confidence? Our adhesive bra cups are a game changer! Two separate cups that can be turned around in any direction while still offering shape and coverage to enhance your breasts. 

Love a cheeky side boob? So do we! Cut out tops and dresses? Hello friends! low plunging, backless and strapless? Get it girl! Our bra cups have minimal glue, allowing your skin to breathe, hide seamlessly under your clothing and are so easy for you to grab, place and go! 

Slot your cups in under your sports bras, your swimming costumes and all your favourite tops and dresses. Your clothing holds them into place and you will have all the security you deserve to feel confident, sexy and free! 

Our breast cups are not designed to be a lifting product! They are breast covers that slot in under snug clothing and give the appearance of a bra without the use of bands and straps.